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1. What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is a healthcare model that offers primary care services to patients without involving insurance companies or third-party payers. Patients pay a membership fee, covering all primary care services such as office visits, preventive care, chronic disease management, and telemedicine.

2. How is DPC different from traditional fee-for-service primary care?

Traditional fee-for-service primary care involves providers being paid for each service they provide to patients, typically through insurance or government programs. DPC, on the other hand, functions through a membership model where patients pay a regular fee for unlimited primary care services, without co-pays or deductibles.

3. Is DPC regulated by the government?

DPC practices are not regulated as insurance providers, so they don’t have to meet the same requirements as traditional insurance plans, such as coverage for specific services or reporting and disclosure rules.

4. Is direct primary care affordable compared to traditional healthcare?

Direct primary care is cost-effective for individuals and families needing frequent primary care. Membership fees in DPC practices are lower than insurance premiums, copayments, and deductibles. DPC also eliminates insurance billing, reducing administrative costs and enabling providers to focus on patient care.

5. Can I use my health insurance alongside direct primary care?

Direct primary care (DPC) mainly offers comprehensive primary care services and typically doesn’t connect with traditional health insurance plans. But DPC can be combined with high-deductible health insurance plans for specialty care, hospitalizations, and additional services outside the DPC membership. Consult your DPC provider and insurance company to learn about their collaboration.

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Dr. Roberto Medina is a board certified Family Medicine who provides direct primary care.

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